Treasure Beach for Three

Behold the cover for my next book: Treasure Beach for Three. This will be my second book, after BJ Bliss: An Oral Enterprise. Unlike BJ Bliss, this is not a novel. It can be be read in a single sitting, if you so choose.

The “Award-Winning” seal on the cover is no joke. Treasure Beach for Three won second place in the Literotica April Fool’s erotic writing contest and I received a cash prize. The contest winners were decided by the readers and not a panel of judges, so I can assure you that this story is a crowd-pleaser.

Loads of sex and a surprise ending await you in this debaucherous tropical tale. Pop off those bikini tops and prepare to soak up the heat of Treasure Beach for ThreeBuy for 99 cents!

TB43 Cover

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