The Red Light Library Podcast

Much to my surprise, my latest erotic horror book, Daddy Longlegs, was featured on the Red Light Library podcast yesterday. If you aren’t familiar with Red Light Library, they select a hilarious-looking erotica book every week and review it. In some cases, mostly well-deserved, they mercilessly ridicule it. You can imagine my shock and horror when I found out that my book was chosen as the sole focus of their Halloween episode.

Lucky for me, this episode was mostly a graphic, blow-by-blow retelling of my book, where Gavin and Jackie share their admiration of its unexpected scariness, humor, and the odd and intricate details that make it so effective. They seem truly frightened and moved by this story, even when some of my trademark porn-trope silliness (read: cum beards) makes an appearance.

As an author, there is no greater joy than to hear a lively discussion of your work. To hear how much the readers appreciate particular sentences, characters, and details that spewed out of your crazy head and onto the digital page. To hear them speak lines of dialogue, in character. This is a new high point in my secret life as an erotica author.

The best part of all of this is that I found a great new podcast to listen to; I immediately listened to three other episodes and I’m hungry for more. This is a well-produced podcast with some talented and hilarious people behind the microphones. I highly recommend that you go check out the other episodes, after you listen to the one below.

Happy Halloween!


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