Aerobatron (2018)

Welcome to Motor City, 1985. The streets are plagued by roving gangs and mercenary ninjas. The gyms are packed with busty babes in leotards and legwarmers. A ruthless auto tycoon reigns supreme. Nothing can stop his rise to power… until he messes with the wrong aerobics instructor.This Summer, Linda Lockhart’s enemies are going to get the workout of a lifetime. Part aerobics instructor. Part machine. Totally 80s. This is AEROBATRON.

Daddy Longlegs (2017)

Claire specializes in ending recurring nightmares. Her new client, Kate, is haunted by a faceless man that she calls Daddy Longlegs. After a revealing hypnosis session, the women are thrust into a life or death struggle against a phantasmagorical nemesis and a lusty affair with each other. Equal parts sexy and scary, Daddy Longlegs is sure to haunt your dreams for years to come.

This book was featured in the Red Light Library podcast!

“The well-written plot kept me reading it all in one sitting needing to know how it all resolved.”

– review

The Girl in the Cellar (2017)

On Halloween Eve, a wealthy couple hosts an unusual competition at their secluded hilltop mansion. Three sexy college girls will do whatever it takes to win the cash prize, unearthing hidden motives and dark secrets along the way. From the authors of Haunted House of Ill Repute and Howlin’ At My Moon, prepare yourself for a shocking journey from the throes of ecstasy to the depths of hell.

Girls Just Want to Have Cum (2017)

Rhonda and her friends are just your typical 80’s ladies. They like slumber parties, aerobics, crimping their hair, trying on lingerie, comparing breasts, and taking group showers. When a lucky nerd manages to infiltrate this house of babes, he discovers some other things that they like to do together.

The latest book from Brixton Atwood, author of BJ Bliss: An Oral Enterprise, puts the Screw and the Balls in Screwball Comedy. Grab your legwarmers and your headbands and prepare to f**k your way through the 80’s!

“This is a book so Eighties I could practically see those wavy lines you used to get on well-used VHS tapes as I was reading it.”

– Cyrano Johnson,

Haunted House of Ill Repute (2016)

Welcome to the Haunted House of Ill Repute, where all of your fantasies and nightmares await. Meet Heath and Megan: a young couple that gets drawn into the house by Madam Bulette and her seductive staff. Will they resist temptation or find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of pleasure and terror forever?

With separate erotic encounters penned by Brixton and Vera Atwood, you’re getting double the pleasure in the latest book from the authors of BJ Bliss: An Oral Enterprise and Howlin’ At My Moon.

“Fun story with two authors, switching between the male and female of a couple who are split up in a ghostly sexual adventure. The sexual scenes were fun and graphic, and the tale is a twist on the type you’d find in non-erotic stories.”

– Amazon Customer Review

Treasure Beach for Three (2016)

When Tom and Alice arrive in Jamaica for their wedding anniversary they are surprised to discover that they are sharing their rental home with another woman. As the sun sets over the Caribbean and the rum punch starts to flow, this threesome of vacationers find themselves shedding their clothes and exploring their wildest fantasies.

“The sex is hot. The writing is good. It was a definite pleasure to read.”

– Patient Lee,

Howlin’ At My Moon (2016)

This is Vera Atwood’s debut as an author and I served as her editor and book cover designer.

Jessica’s unexpected promotion puts her face-to-face with the “top dog” of Acme Razor Blade Company: the handsome, elusive, yet available, trillionaire CEO, Harry Shears. Does Jessica have what it takes to keep her new boss, not to mention the rest of the pack, er, company, panting in pleasure and howlin’ for more?

“Vera has a wonderfully humorous voice, with what feels to me a like a smutpunk sensibility for poking fun at the very things it is simultaneously paying homage to (and getting you off with). Loved it!”

– Callie Press,

BJ Bliss: An Oral Enterprise (2015)

Katrin and Malena came up with a truly seedy business idea: blowjob instruction with provided male models for practice. While roomfuls of female clientele are happy to indulge in this unique blowjob party experience, the women of BJ Bliss find themselves in one sticky situation after another as a fierce competitor and the authorities try to overthrow their hold on the blowjob instruction industry.

“This novel is hot, hot, hot. There is so much erotic action, it made my toes curl from beginning to end. More importantly to me, there is an exciting story weaved in with all the smut.”

– Patient Lee,

“What’s most impressive about the novel, beyond its ability to blend so many themes orbiting the central blowjob narrative, is that it’s really fun.”

– L Issac Simon,

“It’s naughty.
It’s funny.
It’s tongue in cheek.
It’s tongue elsewhere and other stuff in cheek.
It’s gloriously and unabashedly smutty.
It would be hilarious reading out loud at a book club. In pantomime.
It would be an awesome present to give to all your naughty friends.
It should be sold in every sex shop in the country.
All hail the new smut king.”

– Leslie McAdam,

“Two BJ training companies in tense competition with each other. That’s amazing! And the big show-down competition between the heads of the two outfits at the end of the book… now THAT’S a great scene. I would absolutely read more from Brixton Atwood. This book is a whole lot of well-written fun.”

– Maria Monroe,