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Best Blowjob Ever: 4 Easy Steps

I wouldn’t have written a 324 page novel about blowjobs if I didn’t have at least a few opinions on the matter. What follows is my best attempt to pool my knowledge, tips, and personal preferences into a simple 4-step process for giving the best blowjob ever. That’s right, this is another listicle and one that doesn’t neglect the testicles.

I should preface with the statement that I cannot speak for the blowjob preferences of all men. In fact, I will be highlighting some techniques that are specifically targeted to men who watch blowjob porn. So, I guess that is 99%* of men? (*citation missing) If you are trying to provide oral pleasure your non-porn-watching man, then this may not be the blog for you. Congrats on finding your dude, by the way. May you never have to experience the depths of depravity that lie in the paragraphs ahead. Continue reading