Masturbate to This

Erotica and Literary Porn

Callie Press shares my affinity for pairing humor and genre with graphic sex. Check out her website and her #smutpunk books on amazon. My favorite title of hers is Butterface. She is also a leading authority on how to give good head.



Moctezuma Johnson is a Literary Pornographer and creator of If you want to go on a taboo adventure through many erotica genres, you can read his books here. If you like his writing, maybe consider letting him face fuck your girlfriend?



Patient Lee and I met via twitter when she offered to read and review BJ Bliss. I have considered her my go-to person for erotica advice ever since. She is a fantastic writer and editor and has some hot titles with the kind of material that I seek out, such as FFFM and blowjobs.



TT Tales (aka TxTallTales) has been writing my kind of smut since before I knew I wanted to be a smut writer. He sets a high bar for refined yet satisfactorily indulgent erotica. You can’t go wrong with any of his stories. He also created, which is great resource for erotica writers.


Free Erotica

I wouldn’t be a writer today if I hadn’t stumbled into thewhitestripe‘s stories a few years ago on and discovered that reading can be just as arousing as watching porn.


The Art of Blowjob

The Art of Blowjob is an independant sex-positive porn website from Canada. They were a big inspiration for me as a writer of smut and as a consumer of ethical pornography. I highly recommend that you check out this website if you enjoy my writing.