Hey, what are you doing? You aren’t supposed to be here.

Okay, since you’re curious and like to live dangerously I’ll tell you another secret. Vera and I got our start writing for Yep, the same old website that people have been jerkin’ it to since before Y2K, although people have only been jerkin’ to our stuff since 2013. Our handle is masterandmargarita.

I love how it is pretty much ad free and there are millions of readers. Our readership on that website is absolutely massive compared to the number of people that are willing to shell out 99 cents on for my life’s work (did you get that candy bar yet?).

So here’s the deal. Early drafts of our books and stories are always free to read on Literotica. We also sell our work on at incredibly low prices to reach a different audience and to allow people the benefit of using their kindle app/device. It’s a win win.

Now, go ahead and check out our profile where Vera is posing in lingerie for the avatar and you can read all of our sexy stories for free.

-Brixton & Vera