My Top 4 Favorite Sex Bloggers

Do you remember the days before sex blogging? Perhaps you don’t—and that goes for some of the bloggers in my list below—so I should explain. Quality sex education and entertainment was much more consolidated and less diverse. Books from big publishing houses, the nudie magazines that we all know by name, and of course Big Porn were your best bet for getting the juicy, graphic details about what people are capable of doing with their sex lives.

Yes, there were plenty of gems to be found like the Real Sex HBO series, if your parents purchased cable, or if you could sneak in a viewing at a friend’s house. Despite those fluffy bangs and handsome mullets, Real Sex is a timeless piece of erotic history and nothing of its range and calibur has been produced since. I surmise that this is because sex blogging has actually picked up the baton from televised media and is much more capable of dishing out the goods at an exponential rate.


The problem now is: with so many sex blogs, where do you even start?  Right here, of course! I’m excited to reveal this list of sex bloggers, hand selected based on: 1.) their originality, 2.) their educational value, and 3.) their overall philosophical compatibility with one blowjob novelist. That’s me.

Okay, I can’t lie to you fine folks. There is also a sexiness factor at play here and right or wrong, I will also call out the sex appeal of these bloggers and their content. If I didn’t let my genitals do most of my writing for me then I simply wouldn’t be the man that I am today.

I should also point out that I am not ranking any particular blogger over another. Instead, I decided to order them from perverted, to naughty, to slutty, to swallowing 31 loads of cum. So, without further ado:

1. Sex Dojo


Jenna is a twenty-something, half-Japanese sex educator and self-proclaimed pervert from Canada. She created, a forum for her blog and podcast. I have to be honest here and say that Japan+Canada jumps out at me as a dangerously sexy combo when you consider Japan’s infamously unique sexual tastes (NSFW) and Canada’s fantastic independent pornography sites (NSFW).

As a frequent visitor to Japan, Jenna has promised to provide her analysis of the Japanese attitudes towards sexuality and I’m looking forward to a fascinating read. Until then, here are some reasons to be following Jenna of Sex Dojo:

(Note: I can’t keep up with the NSFW labels anymore, so just use your best judgement.  Also, get back to work. Wait – I just overheard that they are going to fire you for looking at a blowjob novelist’s blog on company time. Keep reading then.)

2. Girly Juice


Girly Juice (GJ) is also from Canada. I should admit at this point that I’m a tad obsessed with Canada, which I’ll explain in a future blog. Fun Fact: I discovered GJ by doing a twitter search for the word “blowjob”.

You will find it very hard to keep up with GJ.  Tweets and selfies are coming at you rapid fire. GJ is very open about her personal life, which is why she is so much fun to read. Be sure to check out her blog, from which you will learn that a 2016 sex goal of hers is to bang someone 35 or older. Fun fact: I am 35.

Here is why you should be paying attention to GJ:

  • She loves blowjob porn, including the legendary amateur bj star Heather Harmon and I can’t think of any better way into a blowjob novelist’s heart.
  • She reviews sex toys. Sometimes the details of which include the disclosure of watching said blowjob porn to orgasm. What do you think about that, guys?
  • She blowjob-tested brands of lipstick. Cosmetics companies need to step up their game and make it easier for a girl to give a bj right before heading out to a nice dinner. This is what I believe.
  • She reviews porn. An admirably diverse selection of non-mainstream titles.
  • She performs in porn shoots. Now that is taking sex blogging to the next level. Sorry no link. If one becomes available, I will provide it here. (Hey, it’s me. Brixton. From the future! It’s alright, I guess. Robots give you full-on blowjobs now but you can only eat ice cream in the form of tiny little frozen dots. Also, here is that link I promised.)

3. Bella LaVey

bella lavey

Bella’s website, found at, is a truly unique offering in the sexual blogosphere. She doesn’t just believe in the art of sex from a recreational or hobbyist perspective; to Bella, sex is sacred and spiritual.

Maybe you got the wrong idea from the word spiritual? I’m talking about hardcore, kinky, role-playing, double-penetrating, deepthroating, cock-worshiping, cum-covered, sexual adventure. This is one Sunday church service that I will get dressed up for and you don’t have to bribe me with pancakes.

Here is just a taste of what you can learn at Bella’s website:

  • How to organize a bukkake party. Get your bukkake advice from a woman who has done it enough times that she uses the phrase “…one of my more formal bukkakes…”. First, choose your lucky guys (me! me!), and then send them an invitation using Bella’s provided template. Imagine that, guys. Your first formal bukkake invitation in the mailbox this winter, nestled under to your w2. This would be cause for celebration, would it not?
  • Learn how to worship a cock.  Please take a moment to Google “cock workship” and click on Bella’s blog to help push it to the top of the search results. I think she is officially the leading authority on the subject. She recommends being “bathed in cum” as part of the finale and I could not more heartily agree.
  • Ask her questions. My favorite part of the blog is the sex advice and I do intend to give her a question of my own soon. If you’ve read enough of my writing, you know that I am in need of some serious help. Now remember, the advice is coming from a self-proclaimed (and rightfully proud of it) slut, which has more credibility in my book than the old Ask Dr. Elbow Patches column at your local dispatch.

4. Fuckblogging

Ryan and Venice Bloggs are responsible for what might be the most graphic and provocative sex blog outside of the porn-for-sale category: The blog can also be found at, which is considerably more polite to yell out in a crowded restaurant.  Their blog is free, which I feel the need to emphasize considering just how erotic and explicit it is.

Just to provide an example, you will learn that Venice prefers to reach orgasm by having a cock lodged as far as humanly possible into her throat. No big deal, right? She’s just the real version of that sexual fantasy that, I don’t know, took an entire nation by storm and had even the former First Lady of the United States of America eagerly heading out to her local theater to watch a penis repeatedly tickle a woman’s throat-clit.

Listing off all of the good stuff in this blog would be a monumental task, so here are a few of my favorite features:

  • Project 31. This is the 31 days of swallowing cum that I promised you in the introduction. It is an endeavor that goes to very creative places. I won’t ruin it for you with spoilers.
  • Giving him a double blowjob. Live vicariously through their threesome adventures with other women, including double blowjobs (GJ are you reading?). This is actually one of the best how-to guides in existence on this topic.
  • Have a Sexy Christmas. And you can start with a cum-covered Christmas cookie, naturally.
  • Xhamster channel. I already mentioned this is not a porn-for-sale operation, but there is some porn for free. (GJ check out this one.)
  • Q&A. I’m making sound like a big, wet jizz-typhoon and that isn’t fair. It is also incredibly informative, insightful, mature, and geared towards lasting relationships and the Q&A section is especially indicative of this.

Well, there you have it. Four sexy blogs that manage to blend my preferred brand of smut with educational and empowering content. I hope that you find the time to visit each and every one of their websites and also follow them on Twitter:






On Deck

I have more blog entries in progress: Best Blowjob Ever in 4 Easy Steps and my personal views on Steak & A Blowjob Day. Prepare to be surprised by that last one.





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